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Our Programs

Felician Wellness Program

The Felician Wellness Program offers health support programming for adults in Centralia, IL and Mt. Vernon, IL, and health and physical education programs in school districts in Centralia, IL.

NExT - Nutrition and Exercise Training

NExT is a six-week adult wellness program comprised of education, exercise and individualized training and support that has changed hundreds of lives. The program helps people lovingly care for the body and enables them to lead fuller, more joyful lives. 

We collaborate with our community partners - SSM Health, the Centralia Recreation Complex, and the YMCA of Jefferson County to make these services accessible and affordable to anyone who would benefit. The NExT Program is open to people age 14 and up. 

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LEAN - Learning Exercise and Nutrition

The LEAN program provides health and physical education support to five school districts in Centralia, IL and two after-school programs. LEAN helps schools build movement and health goal setting into their everyday curriculum, and gives students opportunities to move the way kids love to do - loudly, joyfully, and often!

LEAN is currently offered in select schools and programs within communities where Hopebound Ministries has an established presence. If you'd like to learn more about LEAN, please contact Hopebound President, Jill Wiles Wolf