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Your Zucchini Has a Mission!

A wicker basket holds tomatoes, carrots, celery, zucchini, and a sweet potato.

This is the perfect time to make a plan for how you might share your bumper crop of home-grown veggies with your neighbors. Food prices continue to take a toll on many families' budgets, and your backyard abundance could make a difference. 

Did your home garden produce more than your family can eat? Give your veggies a mission this summer! Here are five ways to share the love:

  1.  Did you know that many food pantries would gladly accept any excess harvest from your garden to share with your local community? can help you find a food pantry near you. 
  2. Make it even easier for your neighbors to get what they need by bringing produce to a Little Free Pantry near you (or make your own!). Include printed cards with your favorite simple recipe that includes your donated vegetables and other accessible ingredients.
  3. No pantry? No problem. Arrange your veggies on a table in your front yard or driveway and let your neighbors know they are welcome to take what they like. Tape a "Free Zucchini" sign to the table and you are ready to go. Bonus idea: Include some repurposed bags and print out simple recipes. 
  4. Post your offering on a local networking site like FaceBook or BuyNothing and let your network know you have some veggies free for the taking. 
  5. Use as many of your extra vegetables as possible to make and deliver a delicious and filling meal for a neighbor in need - a new mom, someone recovering from a medical procedure or illness, or a senior. 

Learn more about hunger in America and in your community and learn more about how YOU can help at Feeding America.