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Hopebound Stories

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Sister Carol Marie and Sister Therese Ann serve the Pomona, California community with a ministry of radical presence.

Meet Sister Clarette Stryzewski - President of Hopebound Ministries. She reflects on decades of life in the community of the Felician Sisters and looks forward to how Felician Sisters are impacting their communities.

Hopebound Ministries celebrates Catholic Sisters Week 2023. Today we feature Sr. Jolene Jasinski, Director of Mission Integration for the Sister Mary Josette Food Pantry in Buffalo, New York.

Join us as Hopebound celebrates Catholic Sisters Week 2023! Today's post features Sr. Fredrica Polanski, Director of Villa Maria Youth Program in Buffalo, NY.

Meet Sister Jeanine Morozowich, the Director of Mission Integration for Mooncrest Neighborhood Programs in Moon Township, PA. We'll feature a different Felician Sister each week as we celebrate Catholic Sisters Week.

Catholic Sisters Week runs March 8 - March 14, 2023. Join Hopebound Ministries as we celebrate the lasting impact the Felician Sisters have in our communities, and around the world.

Gary Springer has been active as an after-school volunteer with Mooncrest Neighborhood Programs since 2015.

Sister Mary Anna Falbo, volunteer librarian and storyteller for Villa Maria Youth Program, shares about her role and how she shares her joy for reading with the students.

A simple monthly prayer calendar for Hopebound.

SM Josette Food Pantry staff shared their time and talents with St. Luke's Mission of Mercy.