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Villa Maria Youth Program Celebrates 10th Anniversary

children wearing t-shirts with "Celebrating 10 Sweet Years" raise their arms in the air

A special day of celebration took place at the Villa Maria Youth Program on Wednesday, December 13th. Hopebound Ministries gifted each student and staff member a 10th anniversary tee shirt - "Celebrating 10 Sweet Years".  Since the logo depicted a donut, what other way to celebrate than to have donuts from the popular Paula’s donuts in Buffalo, New York.  The afternoon ended by working on a puzzle regarding Christmas Carols and shouting a cheer about the Youth Program.

Sister Fredrica and her teaching team have been supporting the spiritual, academic, and emotional growth of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders since 2014, and Hopebound is delighted to celebrate this milestone year alongside them.